About Jeremy

  • I'm a teacher. I teach a mixture of general, business and legal English at the British Council in Warsaw, Poland. I came to Poland in 1996, planning to spend a year here and then work my way round the world. But then I met my wife, got married, bought a flat, had two kids, settled down ...
  • I'm a Series Editor. My series of short ESP courses, Cambridge English for ..., was launched in 2008 with four titles (Engineering, Nursing intermediate plus, Job-hunting and the Media). Two more are coming in early 2010 (Nursing pre-intermediate and Marketing), and more will follow soon.
  • I'm a writer of ESP courses. I started writing ESP courses around 1998, when I was an in-house teacher in a cigarette factory. My first course was English for Chauffeurs. Since then I've written dozens of home-made ESP courses on legal English, financial English, technical English, manufacturing, marketing, business writing, counter-narcotics, patents, ...
  • I'm a writer of teacher's books. My first published book was International Legal English Teacher's Book, which was praised for adding a whole new communicative dimension to the teaching of legal English. Since then I've written another legal English teacher's book (Introduction to International Legal English) and online teacher's notes for Cambridge English for the Media and Cambridge English for Marketing.
  • I'm a writer of online business English and ESP materials. I write two activities and two jargonbusters every month for Professional English Online. I also seem to write an endless supply of free supplementary materials for the books in my series.
  • I'm a writer of ... other stuff, but I can't talk about it yet.
  • I'm a teacher trainer/presenter/consultant. Since my books came out, I've given training and presentations on ESP course design in Poland, Russia, the UK, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland and Northern Cyprus. I love this aspect of my job - it's very good for my ego!
  • I'm a language learner. I failed French O level, but discovered a love of languages during my year studying at Zaragoza University in Spain, where I had 3 hours a day of Spanish classes. I later spent a year in Berlin (selling newspapers in railway stations ... don't ask), where I also had 3 hours a day of German classes. Now I've spent nearly 14 years in Poland trying to get my head round Polish ... but I'm getting there, slowly but surely.
  • I'm a proud father of two wonderful kids ... which is much more important to me than any of the other stuff.