Friday, 28 August 2009

Deadlines, deadlines ...

So much for my noble aims of writing a couple of times a week - it's now been more like five weeks that I've been neglecting this poor blog of mine. And all the time, I'm told, my interview with Lawrence Harris was badly formatted to make it unreadable. (Although on my computer it actually looked fine). Anyway, I hope that's fixed now - thanks to Karenne and Lawrence for helping me out!

The frustrating thing about being involved in publishing is that I can't tell you all the exciting things I've been busy with - it's all top secret until the new books are ready for publication. But I don't think I'll get into trouble for mentioning that my series, Cambridge English for ..., is growing. We launched the series last year with four titles, Jobhunting, Engineering, Nursing and the Media, but of course the plan is to keep adding to the series as long as there's demand for new titles. So I've been very busy working on the latest titles. Watch
this space for news of the new additions, probably within a month or so.

The thing that's kept me busiest over the summer has been an online course in technical English for a university, to which I've been adding content. I'll write up a blog entry about that when I've finished my work on that course.

I also did some legal English teacher training over the summer, which I mentioned
here. That was a great experience, and gave me lots of ideas for this blog ... if only I had time to write them up!

Anyway, enough complaining. Time to get on with some proper blogging!

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